Sometimes things don’t go quite as planned and you may find yourself in a position where you’re needing to attend family court in Sydney. There’s no shame in needing a little outside help to get the situation you’ve found yourself in sorted out, but not everyone is aware of the services they can access at family court in Sydney, so today we’re laying out what assistance you can access:

Divorce Proceedings 

The end of a marriage is never a pleasant experience, and it can often bring out the worst in people. That’s why bringing in professionals, such as staff at a family court in Sydney, is often a good idea. Even if you manage to separate from your ex amicably, there will be a few factors that must be sorted out in a legal sense, so you’ll probably end up dealing with the system at some point anyway. Because of this, having everything organised properly and running through the family court in Sydney in the first place can help ensure that the process is as pain-free as possible and will generally speed things up. 

Splitting Assets

Speaking of factors that will need to be sorted out in a legal sense, even if you come to a conclusion about who gets which assets between yourself and your ex privately, paperwork and other factors will still need to be worked out. This is, in many cases,  sorted out within family court in Sydney. By the same token, if you cannot reach an agreement together, you’ll be required to go through a family court in Sydney to divide your assets in a fair and reasonable manner. 

Custody Arrangements 

When children are involved, things get a whole lot more complex when it comes to sorting out what happens during and after a separation. In the vast majority of cases, you’ll need to attend mediation and work things out within a family court in Sydney to ensure that what will happen in your children’s future is clear and fair. The good news is that by going through family court in Sydney, your children will get a say in things as long as they’re old thigh to understand what’s going on, so this often leads to the best possible outcome for them. 

Child Support

Following on from custody arrangements, family court in Sydney can also help establish amounts and parameters for child support. This is important as financial situations are some of the most common causes of issues both in a relationship and following the breakdown of one. By having this sorted out by an impartial third party, you’ll be able to ensure that everything is fairly arranged and avoid any arguments that may have otherwise arisen because of the topic.

General Grievances 

Finally, there are also many general grievances that can be sorted out by family court in Sydney. Pretty much anything that impacts on your household as a whole (or one or both households following a separation) can be sorted out through this branch of the legal system. This is particularly beneficial if you’re having issues with extended members, as it takes the picking sides element of out things and allows those not involved in the dispute to stay out of things. 

While you obviously never want to end up in a situation where legal assistance is needed, knowing that there are appropriate avenues easily accessible that can help with whatever issues you’re dealing with is rather helpful. So, don’t be ashamed if you find yourself in family court in Sydney, it’s often the simplest way to ensure that everyone involved gets the best outcome possible.