Drive Medical Products

Drive medical was founded in 2000. It is a company that strives to deliver technological advances for its customers. They operate with a winning attitude and due to significant growth have grown into a multinational company since their inception.

They operate in the medical equipment space. They produce a range of products including beds, wheelchairs, scooters as well patient room equipment, equipment for rehabilitation and pediatric products as well. Because of this drive medical has many different customers who it serves. These include healthcare providers, retailers both physical and online and healthcare distributors. This is a global company and as such has locations all over the world. Drive medical HQ is in New York however there are also locations in England, France and Canada as well as other locations. This allows them to reach customers and partners in every corner of the world.

As mentioned, this company produce a range of products within several specialist areas. Below we will look at them in more detail.



Drive medical produces numerous products including canes, wheelchairs, walkers and scooters. These products allow the user to get places they normally could not without assistance. These mobility assistants allow users to visit stores, hang out with their family or make their way around without any help. Relying on something to help them move around can be quite difficult for those that are used to being independent but once patients realise the quality that they are dealing with, they are more than happy with what they are using.



Sleep is a big part of everyone’s life. It is especially important for those who are recovering from illness and looking to return to full health as it can aid a quick recovery. Drive medical is aware of this and keeps this in mind when creating products. They specialise in CPAP masks and accessories which are useful for those that suffer from sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder whereby those that suffer from it stop and start breathing again unknowingly while they sleep. It is a potentially dangerous disorder and can cause sufferers to snore loudly.


Bathroom safety


Bathroom safety is high on the list of priorities for medical centres, for this reason drive medical strive to provide expert care in this department. They produce products such as bath lifts, grab bars and raised toilet seats. It is said that for those 65 or older, 1 in 3 will have a bathroom fall while a third of those that recover will need assistance for the rest of their life, highlighting the importance of these products.


Patient room

Having a comfortable room can be very important for patients. There are some who have been told they are terminal so to be made as comfortable as possible for the final few days or weeks is as much as can be done. Drive medical specialise in fitting out rooms with top of the range equipment, whether this be beds, drawers, IV poles, privacy screens or stools, you can be guaranteed they will offer top grade fittings. For much of the equipment, it is about promoting independence as well as improvement of their quality of life, which is not always easy to do.



Drive medical offers oxygen and suction therapies to patients that need them. With a centre dedicated to developing such products, the company can always be relied upon to deliver for their patients in need. They have solutions for a range of breathing disorders such as COPD or asthma, which can range in severity and it is often a case of finding the right treatment to match the patient.